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Sinmoo Hapkido Official Uniform (Takes 1- 2 weeks to make this product)

Sinmoo Hapkido Official Uniform
Sinmoo Hapkido Official Uniform
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Product Description

Sinmoo Hapkido Official Uniform
This is the official student uniform of SIN MOO HAPKIDO. The Back Logo is screen printed.

This uniform is custom-made. It typically takes 1-2 weeks for a custom-made uniform order to be processed. If urgent, please email us with the date that you need to receive it by. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

All of our uniforms including this Hapkido uniform are very durable. They will hold up to fighting, throwing, and grappling.

Material: Cotton 35% + Polyester 65%

Made in Korea

Other Customization instruction: You can request to alter the size. Helpful tips on how to order a custom-made uniform are available on our "How to order" menu page.

Pants Embroidery: Name Embroidery is written in small letters right below the elastic waist band.