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Hankido belt

Hankido belt
Item# hankidobelt
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Product Description

Material: Cotton 100%

For the embroidery, usually your name is on one side and your school name on the other side of the belt. The embroidery can be written in English, Korean, or Chinese. Korean or Chinese is written vertically, and English is written horizontally by default. If you want English text on line 1 and Korean( or Chinese) text on line 2, by default, Korean( or Chinese) text will be written horizontally as well. If the letters should be written differently, please indicate so in the text box above.

If you want two lines of text on one side and one line on the other side, please choose "Two lines on Both Sides (+$12.00)".

Each Embroidery text is up to 20 letters. Please write your embroidery texts in the proper text field. Please indicate which language you want.

Colors can be white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, purple, and brown.

These embroideries are hand-written by one of our extremely skilled seamstresses.